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Our Services

Cloud PBX

Make your phones work smarter. Leverage cloud PBX to more effectively onboard employees, manage and scale your voice services.  Our VoIP phone systems provide businesses huge cost-savings because they use your existing Internet connection for all of your communication needs.  You can expect employee productivity to improve, too, since our VoIP phones offer many time-saving features traditional phone systems do not.

Voice & Data Infrastructure

Our technical engineers are experts in surveying, designing, and installing the best solution for your business. We are accustomed and proficient to working with general contractors and many other trades to ensure the job is done correctly especially during new build-outs or re-models.  All cables installed by FlexDial are certified and guaranteed.  We Provide, Cat 6, Cat 7 and Fiber — optical cabling with Patch panel & work station terminations / cleanup

Office Security Solutions

Demanding solutions start with better technology. In video security, very few installations are the same. When the demands of the application require leading technologies to guarantee that video information is available, and usable, in all lighting conditions, at all times of day, in the most demanding environments, FlexDial can provide solutions that will meet those demands. We offer a diverse range of security solutions to fit various environment needs. To protect your business, improve quality control, we design, install and manage security camera systems, door access control and network firewalls. Whether you oversee one location or many ‒ anywhere in the operation, from seed to sale ‒ FlexDial has the solution to meet the ever-changing security and compliance needs in your region.

In such a rapidly-moving industry, flexibility is key. FlexDial offers both on-premise and cloud storage, recording to both locations for reliability and redundancy. The intuitive interface stays the same regardless of where your video is stored, making it easier to comply with the video retention regulations and other requirements of each county, state, or country.

POS Systems

Point of sale systems- Serve customers, take payments, and run your entire business with one of the best POS systems on the market​. We can help choose and install the one that’s right for you.

Office Technology Relocation

FlexDial Technology is the experts for moving and upgrading your IT and telecommunications systems.

Business relocation and business expansion presents a perfect opportunity to assess your business technology needs, make employee relocation smoother, and upgrade IT and telecommunications solutions to ensure your business can thrive.

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